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Sharing Technology and Working Together

Rolco works together with the mill team; these are the experts that see your operation every day. They know everything about your equipment - everything that works well and everything that does not work so well and how to help improve it.

Many different converters have approached Rolco to assist their Project Team in improving the existing OEM ply bonding system. They all face the same problems:
  • Excessive wear of the ply bonding wheels.
  • Jumping of the wheels that cause insufficient bonding of the plies.
  • Excessive wear of the anvil counter roll.
  • Small diameter ply bonding wheels that don't get the job done.
  • Not being able to reach the desired Working Speed.
  • Expensive to have the wheels re-engraved.
  • Insufficient accuracy of the ply bonding pattern that causes customer complaints.
Rolco developed a system that improves on all of the above! Find out more below or contact us directly.
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Rolco Ply Bonding System

Improving the Ply Bonding System

With the frustrations of the mill teams clearly stated, the engineers at Rolco went to work and developed an improved system for Edge Embossing and Ply Bonding.

Using modern technology and extensive industry experience, Rolco designed a Ply Bonding System that:
  • Uses superbly grinded Embossing Wheels that do not jump and therefor do not suffer excessive wear.
  • Keeps the wheels against the anvil counter roll, ensuring good bonding of the plies.
  • Achieves perfect bonding up to 950 m/min working speed.
  • Has absolutely round wheels with a tolerance within just 0,01mm.
  • Has wheels that can be re-used more often, therefor decreasing maintenance cost.
  • Is able to be retrofitted into any possible OEM converting line.
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Rolco Ply bond uniting


Proven to Upgrade Your Production

With the Rolco Ply Bonding System in operation, our customers can expect an increase in efficiency of their equipment because of a higher Working Speed and better Availability, while customer complaints will decrease because of the consistent bonding of the plies.

Additionally, customers will experience less maintenance costs because the Rolco Wheels will run longer before they need to be refurbished and on top of that, these wheels can be refurbished more often compared to the traditional engraved wheels saving on costs for new wheels.

Retrofit or New - Suiting your Needs

The experience of the Rolco engineers and technicians allows Rolco to be your preferred partner; whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a retrofit, install a new module as replacement or install a completely new line.

Many converters are using the improved Rolco Ply Bonding System on machines from Fabio Perini, Futura, PCMC and others.

In every case Rolco is flexible in meeting your specific needs and cooperating with your team in order to have the best possible outcome: cost savings, less maintenance, excellent service, a flexible system and higher output of finished product.
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