Rolco Ply bond uniting

Why Rolco Ply Bonding?

Rolco ply bonding has been developed with commonly known problems taken in mind. Regular problems with ply bonding are: 
  • Excessive wear of ply bonding wheels or counter rolls
  • Insufficient bonding due to wheel jumping
  • Wrong wheel size and diameter
  • Undesireable workspeed
  • Costly wheel engravings
  • Insufficient accuracy of the ply bonding pattern application
The result? Rolco ply bonding systems are more efficient, have better working speeds and increased accuracy and consitency when compared to similar products. Another key feature of Rolco ply bonding wheels is significantly less maintanance cost due to the longer effective lifespan of the product. Rolco ply bonding wheels can also be refurbished more often, offering more cost effectiveness than competitive counterparts. If you are interested in what Rolco Europe can do for your ply bonding equipment, contact us via the information on the bottom of this page or the contact menu!

Improving the Ply Bonding System

With the frustrations of the mill teams clearly stated, the engineers at Rolco went to work and developed an improved system for Edge Embossing and Ply Bonding.

Using modern technology and extensive industry experience, Rolco designed a Ply Bonding System that:
  • Uses superbly grinded Embossing Wheels that do not jump and therefor do not suffer excessive wear.
  • Keeps the wheels against the anvil counter roll, ensuring good bonding of the plies.
  • Achieves perfect bonding up to 950 m/min working speed.
  • Has absolutely round wheels with a tolerance within just 0,01mm.
  • Has wheels that can be re-used more often, therefor decreasing maintenance cost.
  • Is able to be retrofitted into any possible OEM converting line.
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Rolco Ply Bonding System
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