Rolco Ply bond uniting

Why Rolco Ply Bonding?

The ply-bonding process in your converting line is often one that faces many difficulties.  Using the best ply-bonding equipment is important to ensure that your line is up and running. Some examples of the problems that you may face are: 
  • Excessive wear of ply bonding wheels or counter rolls
  • Insufficient bonding due to wheel jumping
  • Wrong wheel size and diameter
  • Undesireable workspeed
  • Costly wheel engravings
  • Insufficient accuracy of the ply bonding pattern application
At Rolco Europe B.V. we develop our products with these problems in mind, ensuring the least possible wear and increased efficiency.

Improving the Ply Bonding System

Rolco ply bonding systems are more efficient, have better working speeds and increased accuracy and consitency when compared to similar products. Another key feature of Rolco ply bonding wheels is significantly less maintanance cost due to the longer effective lifespan of the product. Rolco ply bonding wheels can also be refurbished more often, offering more cost effectiveness than competitive counterparts. Our product can run up to 950 m/min working speed with a tolerance within 0,01 mm. If you are interested in what Rolco Europe can do for your ply bonding equipment, contact us via the information on the bottom of this page or the contact menu!

Rolco Ply Bonding System
Before and after installing Rolco Ply Bonder