Sharing Technology and Working Together

Rolco works together with the mill team; these are the experts that see your operation every day. They know everything about your equipment - everything that works well and everything that does not work so well and how to help improve it.

Rolco has set the industry standard with Rolco Log Accumulators. For decades already, these buffer systems ensure a steady production by providing the necessary accumulation of logs in your converting lines. The flexibility in log diameter allows the Accumulator to be used for small Consumer or large AfH logs.

You want your converting line running smooth and without interruptions. You want your rewinder to keep running when the operator is checking the log saw and you want your log saw fully utilized when you are changing parent reels; improving your overall line efficiency.

This is where the Rolco Accumulator comes in, providing you with a proven FIFO buffer system to minimize your risk and maximize your OEE.
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Rolco Log Accumulator

Flexible - Even with Accumulators

Rolco Log Accumulators are running in converting lines all over the world since over 30 years, increasing the efficiency of the lines by forming the buffer between rewinder and log saw.

The design of the Rolco Log Accumulators allows the system to be flexible and together with the mill's engineering team, Rolco engineers will determine the specifications for your system.
This determines the number of gondolas and thus the number of buffer positions of this FIFO system, but also the outfeed to the log saw. Rolco supplies you with a system exactly to your needs: from loading one orbital saw with 1 or 2 lanes, to loading multiple log saws with 5 lanes.

Even if you are looking for a smaller buffer system, like an Accumulation Roll Down Table, Rolco will meet your needs.
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Retrofit or New - Suiting your Needs

The experience of the Rolco engineers and technicians allows Rolco to be your preferred partner; whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a retrofit, install a new module as replacement or install a completely new line.

Many converters are using the Rolco Log Accumulator in converting lines from Fabio Perini, Futura, PCMC and others.

In every case Rolco is flexible in meeting your specific needs and cooperating with your team in order to have the best possible outcome: cost savings, less maintenance, excellent service, a flexible system and higher output of finished product.
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