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Rolco works together with the mill team; these are the experts that see your operation every day. They know everything about your equipment - everything that works well and everything that does not work so well and how to help improve it.

Converters know that ideally, web spreading should not be necessary in a converting line. However, since the web is usually not uniformly flat and using different suppliers means you have to handle different web properties, widening the web becomes a necessity for an efficient rewinding operation.

You need to remove creasing and wrinkles or widen the web during the converting process and traditionally the bow roller (banana roll) or concave roller was the solution but the time and costs involved with maintenance like bearing replacement can be a concern. Having a line down for impractical maintenance or keeping the large rollers in stock is not preferred.

Since the use of brush rolls has proven to be beneficial for process improvement and cost reduction, Rolco chooses the supply customers with high quality Mink Brush Rolls.
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Rolco Brush Roll


Mink and Rolco for Reliable Web Spreading

The web spreader rolls® manufactured by Mink (August Mink KG) are of very high quality and are the industry standard. The bristle bundles are angled outwards from the center for efficiently smoothing out the web without markings or compromising the quality of your tissue. Add to this the unique Rolco bearing design and you get a superb spreader that is both cost effective and a process improvement.

Reduced Wear and Tear by Superb Bearing Design

The Rolco bearing design is a feature that gives more stability and less wear and tear in order to reduce your maintenance time and costs. Where the traditional bowed spreader roll may have dozens of bearing sets that are hard to replace, the Rolco bearing design utilizes just two bearings that allow the brush roll to align and that are care free when it comes to maintenance, just as the rollers itself.

Other common problems with bowed rolls are loosening of the sleeve and too much vibration or resonance, especially on higher speeds when a finetuned process is important.

Dynamic Balancing to Reach Your Goal

Rolco always uses precise dynamical balancing of the brush rolls to ensure the brush roll rotates easily when in use and to minimize any unwanted vibrations. You want to stabilize the web by gently smoothing any creases all the way to the edge of the web and our brush rollers are excellent for meeting your goal.

It is possible to replace your current standard (carbon) web guiding rollers by Rolco brush rolls or to install the brush rolls in an additional position in your converting machine if desired. Usually, the spreading roll is placed just before a nip, for instance the embosser or ply bonding unit.
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Ready For Use With Rolco Services

Rolco can supply a complete roll for any machine and web width you require. The rolls are supplied so they are ready for use and can be installed easily by your own staff or Rolco can take care of the installation for you.

Additionally, Rolco can take care of the maintenance of the brush rolls and supply you with rolls for stock keeping in order to avoid costly downtime once a roll needs to be replaced.

Retrofit or New - Suiting your Needs

The experience of the Rolco engineers and technicians allows Rolco to be your preferred partner; whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a retrofit, install a new module as replacement or install a completely new line.

Rolco Brush Rolls can be used in converting lines from Fabio Perini, Futura, PCMC and others.

In every case Rolco is flexible in meeting your specific needs and cooperating with your team in order to have the best possible outcome: cost savings, less maintenance, excellent service, a flexible system and higher output of finished product.
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