About us

Short story

Rolco developes, manufacturers indiustrial equipment for the hygienic paper converting and packaging industry.
The company is based in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. 
The activities of Rolco are sales & projectmanagement, engineering, production, assembling and commissioning of converting equipment.  

The team

The rolco team consist of twenty passionate employeees. The team is specialised refurbishment, retrofits, safety upgrades and new customized machinery/modules for the rolled tissue converting industry.

Where it all started

The roots of Rolco Europe B.V. lie within Edet (SCA) in Tilburg before 1996, where John van Bladel was a project engineer in the technical team looking after the converting machinery. In 1996 John van Bladel decided to make the leap of faith and founded Rolco Europe with a partner. In the first year Rolco Europe worked mainly for SCA in Tilburgs but with several successfull projects also the SCA group started asking for the Rolco services. This way Rolco tried to expand it's reach and wanted to work for big international companies. 

In 2006 Rolco moved to Nieuwkuijk with a bigger workshop and offices. In the new premises it is possible to realise complete converting lines for the customer. Since then the company realises every year about two or three projects.