You need specific improvements to stay ahead of your competition. You need a supplier that understands your problem. Your supplier should think along with you in your interest.
Our people will do exactly that. And we have been doing so for over 30 years.

You can find some of our many projects below. These references give you an idea of your possibilities:

  • Removing a rewinding bottleneck. With our upgrade the tailsealer now produces small diameter products.
  • Higher speed of converting lines by 15% thanks to Rolco edge embossing. Also called ply bonding or crimping.
  • Cost saving with a Rolco packing machine for industrial rolls in foil instead of cardboard cases.
  • Refurbish a complete converting line and installation at the new site. A complete project with a single point of contact.
  • Meeting market demands with a coreless retrofit.
  • Reliable converting thanks to double accumulator capacity.
  • Combining a complete converting line from multi-brand modules. New Rolco modules and refurbished ones were applied. Including certified CE marking of this complete “puzzle line”.

Together we agree on your needs in a joined effort. Our experienced engineers design your best solution. We take care of your service and spare parts and we support your team. Your most challenging project is what we like most!

Rolco provides all types of equipment and services for tissue converting companies.
Take a look at the possibilities:

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Industrial roll packers

Roll upenders

Retrofits consumer roll packers

Retrofits bundle packers

Roll handling


Spare parts

Edge embossing wheels 


Mother reel core plugs 


Core maker blades

Carbon fibre rolls

Brush rolls

Sealing bars

Tissue Converting Expertise

Because we work with the world's leading converting companies, we have a wealth of experience for working with different types and brands of equipment for the tissue converting industry.
  • Your engineering team is looking for a certain upgrade in one of your converting lines?
  • Your process leaders agree that improvements can be made to a part of the equipment?

Rolco is an extension of your local team with inhouse engineers, technicians and mechanics. They all bring experience and dedication to help you achieve your goals.

And because Rolco focuses on a long term partnership with you, we will take care of your initial request from design and engineering to commissioning and service, as well as spare parts during the life time of your equipment and support to your local team.