Custom Tissue Converting Equipment, Engineered And Manufactured According To Your Requirements

When you have very specific requirements or a special solution in your mind. Something that you need to have for your machines. You want to make your converting line even better and solve your problems. Then you need someone to fix your problem. Someone that will work with you to get the best solution.

This is exactly how leading converting companies stay at the top. You keep improving and you keep ahead of your competition.

Your best solution needs smart engineering. The perfect combination of innovation and experience gives you reliability. Reliability ensures you piece of mind. And the higher production, increased safety and maximum profits are your benefits.

For more than 30 years we service tissue converters worldwide. We work together with dozens of project teams and hundreds of skilled people. Our equipment and aftersales ensure reliability the world over.

Working Together

We work together with your team to improve your tissue converting lines.
Working with you motivates us and creates a growing partnership between our teams.
For converting companies with a small staff; we are your team.

We are gathering experience in the tissue industry for over 30 years. We keep exploring with our customers. With this cooperation mindset we handle projects with leading technology and converting companies.


Our skills and knowledge are applied in all your projects. Does your project look like one of the following?

  • Improving production and efficiency of tissue converting lines;
  • Upgrading converting lines to meet the current (CE) safety levels;
  • Refurbishing used tissue converting equipment.

You get the needed experience with Rolco Europe.

Working together with you and your team ensures the best possible outcome. With your teams knowledge and experience and combining this with the skills and knowledge of the Rolco team. Open and honest conversation is one of our core values. Together we come to the desired solution.


Contact By Phone:
+31 73 648 48 38

Join our customers

You can find some of our many projects below. These references give you an idea of your possibilities:

  • Removing a rewinding bottleneck. With our upgrade the tailsealer now produces small diameter products.
  • Higher speed of converting lines by 15% thanks to Rolco edge embossing. Also called ply bonding or crimping.
  • Cost saving with a Rolco packing machine for industrial rolls in foil instead of cardboard cases.
  • Refurbish a complete converting line and installation at the new site. A complete project with a single point of contact.
  • Meeting market demands with a coreless retrofit.
  • Reliable converting thanks to double accumulator capacity.
  • Combining a complete converting line from multi-brand modules. New Rolco modules and refurbished ones were applied. Including certified CE marking of this complete “puzzle line”.

Together we agree on your needs in a joined effort. Our experienced engineers design your best solution. We take care of your service and spare parts and we support your team. Your most challenging project is what we like most!

Contact By Phone:
+31 73 648 48 38

Your benefits from our partnership

Rolco is an extension of your local team with inhouse engineers, technicians and mechanics. We will help you achieve your goals. Do you want to get the most out of your machines? Either by refurbishment, upgrades or new modules? We join you thinking through the best solutions. We help you get the most out of your equipment.

Rolco Europe is based in the Netherlands. We work with leading converting companies all over the world. Our trained and skilled staff is motivated to work with you on your projects. We help you constantly improve your operation.

We focus on long term partnership: to keep improving over the course of decades.
Because you need to deliver a top quality product to compete in your market.
Our experience and dedication makes us your preferred partner to:

  • Keep improving your productivity;
  • Ensure a safe environment for your operators;
  • Realize competitive profitability.

Contact us now. We look forward to talk about your possibilities.